Meet the people hehind ATLAS®

ATLAS® is Japan's leading provider of 1on1 English and language lessons. Our approach to teaching has always been 1on1 because we believe it is the most effective and rewarding way to both teach and learn the English or other foreign languages.

ATLAS® is a forword thinking, innovate company based in SAPPORO and ONLINE SCHOOL that is radically redefining the concept and practice of English and Language Leaning.

All lessons are , allowing for a 100% focus on student needs and desired goals. Be part of a growing company and participate in the ATLAS® team. ATLAS® is seeking qualified individuals to contribute to our unique company.

Teach only 1on1 lessons in your own contempary leaning booth. Utilize innovate, web-based teaching technology. A stimulating and demanding oppotunity for those wanting a challenge.

Thank you for your interest in ATLAS®. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

ATLAS® is currently recruiting experienced ONLY NATIVE SPEAKER (English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Chinese and Korean) instructors to teach part-time on everyday 10:00 to 23:00. We pay 2,000yen (Online) or 2,500yen (Sapporo) per hour.

Successful applicants must be NATIVE SPEAKER and have at least 1-year teaching experience in Japan. A valid work visa (Student, SOFA, and Tourist visas are no longer accepted) and 4-year university degree are required.

ATLAS® is designed to be a supplement to a regular income rather than a substitute for one, and is perfect for instructors who are seeking one to ten students per week.

Think carefully. Weigh your options. If you decide teaching with ATLAS® is right for you, the recruitment process starts with the online application form available here. All applicants can expect a timely response.


Atlas is a customize language lessons subscription. We seek to be the building block of community by supporting local English schooland build Japanese culture in people's lives. We work with a network of customize language lessons across Japan and deliver instructor as a subscription to people.


Atlas strives to introduce the merits of specialty language lessons to Japan. Our mission is not just helping Japan discover quality lessons every month, but as key to helping the entire student to storyline of information literacy. Quality enriches not just the lives of busy Japanese but also supports the lives of instructors in Japan with fair priced lesson. There is a story behind each language lessons and for Atlas, we are just the storytellers.


We are a fun multi-bilingual team mixing global experience with local Japanese language lessons. We think the mix tastes pretty good. Expect to talk lots of good lessons while being scrappy to get things done quickly and efficiently. Talk to instructors, customers, non-customers, design, data, brands, and more as we iterate our way to a better language learning lifestyle for our users. Learn more about our team here!